The Support Lounge Support Circles are support groups intended to help you grow whilst on your transformational journey. At the beginning of a journey, it tends to feel lonely and unfamiliar. Going at it by yourself could be discouraging however working towards your growth in the company of other people making their way towards being better makes it easier.

Our support groups are non-judgmental spaces where you get to share your journey with others on similar paths and by so doing we have a community of people supporting one another. No one should have to go through life without a shoulder to lean on.

Since our support circles are themed, you get to join only circles where you need support to get through the hurdles. With the increase in suicide rates across the world, it has become important to hold spaces for people without judgement or criticism hence why we at The Support Lounge thought about creating a space to help nurture your emotional and mental health.

Your emotions are valid

Your struggle is real and

You are important

We are happy to support you, with LOVE
Kindly fill the form that best fits your purpose the most

About TSL 

The Support Lounge is a holistic transformational coaching platform that supports people to leverage on their pain as a springboard to birth their purpose and achieve long lasting success. Read more…